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150 – Still In The A Lyrics


[Intro: DTwin 1]

JMK’s done it again

Ay bro, JMK’s did a mazza on this one

Still in the A

E block where Latz go K’d

[Verse 1: D38]

Tan to the grub come six out of ten

That’s a J-O-K-E ting

Tell my runner to go have a nap

We ain’t serving this, no one’s getting shit tints

Still setting up shop like Nisa

Don’t lack at your Nisa and end up chipped

We used to kick ball, now this is really it

You ain’t got heart, don’t step in the pitch

Litch, bro asked if I got my flicks

I laughed ’til man started coughing and shit

Five times four or the .38 spin

Wait on my name, but it is what it is

When bro calls me he keeps talking flizz

But you know us man ain’t talkative

Trip then he woulda been pissed

I never seen a human move that quick

TM woulda got it too, but thеy saw us man and they knew what to do

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I ain’t tryna send no diss on a Zoom

I’m tryna makе use of this broom

He saw my face and he knew he was screwed

But I’ll leave the rest of the streets

Bored him, striked, now I’m there on my feet, feet

Tryna make an opp boy leak

[Verse 2: JM]

They talk on us, they ain’t scoring points

Five man just stuffed in the dings on the opp block really tryna score me a point

Run a man down, got me screaming “Oi”

Trip up, you’re pissed, you’re not making it home

Shout JaySav, he was way too slow

16 got hit with the ‘chetes

And SA and we sunk his boat

They talk about drilling on us, they’re lying

We’re the reason their friends keep dying

My young boy just tore his flesh

Now Mucky can’t get seen outside

The streets aren’t safe so I roll with mine

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Big bro wanna drop me the hammer

I said “Fuck that”, I went and brought me mine

I said “Fuck that”, I went and brought me mine

[Verse 3: DTwin 1]

Still in the A

Can’t tell us we ain’t

E block where Latz got K’d

Wynne Road where 16 stayed

Your friends ain’t here and you’re fine with their graves

Catch up, boy don’t get shaved

Catch up, boy don’t get shaved

[Verse 4: DTwin 2]

Again when the [?] and [?]

Me and Twin are both armed with knives

Once more, surrounding lights

And the sirens don’t harmonise

Lemme shout out them shit guys

Their olders shamelessly despise

With the Rambo, six of them tried

Manouver the flicky, they knew it was life

[Verse 5: Remaaa]

I wanna go to the Hill, but the ‘Raq keep calling

DTwins, yeah we’re riding in the passy or the back, he ain’t on stalling

But he come old and rusty

Lucky the bruck-back don’t need sawing

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And trust me, they ain’t on fuckry

Most of their knifework is appalling

16 came to the strip, didn’t make it back, I felt it for him

Bro said there’s a new dings

And Now the AD’s are touring

I just wanna see an opp boy slip

On the frontline walking

And if you see the Twins then run with the wing, ’cause you might not see the next morning

Free my bros, really left opps pouring


E-E-Ekayy, this mix sounds cold

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