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2kriss feat Olamide – Tuale lyrics



When i no get money,u no respect me

Now i don get Money,u dey expect me

For your crib o fe so mi di bo se da

Oosha bo le gbe mi,fi mi le bi’n shey wa

No mo more Tuale,No more Tuale,No more Tuale na Boati x2

Verse 1 – 2Kriss

When i wake up in the morning

Why dey wan take me for mumu

When i wake up in the morning i ask myself

I don make am,why dey talk say na juju

Coz,coz we’re just young boys hustling

Tryna get famous

Whether Lagos or London,they couldn’t tame us

Writing lines making beat so you couldn’t blame us

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Back in the days,they didn’t know

but now they hail us Tuale


Te ba ti ri mi e do ba le


Olamide is here |na me|


No more tuale,tuale,boati,boati

Ilefo Illuminati

Me no fear no body,lemme tell you one thing

I worship only one God

I rep only one Team

God punish Devil,i made it

Yes i made it

Ko ni ra gba fa wo’n to’n underate mi

Mo’n para ilu oyinbo

bi eni’n lo s’oniru

Some hating on me like ah han

shey na only you

“Why always me” Balotelli

Wo bi wo’n shey ra’n oju mo mi

bi eni pe wo’n wo Telly


Cabasa is Smilling,my music is selling

Igboro feran mi,there’z nothing you can tell me

base on my baby,i no get time

Money on my mind

gat to go get that

Bigboy olamide took with Naija you get this is how we get down


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