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9ice – Ade Ori lyrics

Ade ori la fi n moba
Ileke la fi n mojoye
Agba n tara la fi n magba
Mo gbe gba ope
Mo mope mi wa
Mo gbo ju mi soke
Iwo lo gbe mi leke

Having been to mortuary
then you will thank God for your liberty
Go to Igbobi
Seeing is believing
Opo la ti gbe gbin
including Nigerian first lady
You and I know that God mercy
oun lo fun mi ni l’ede yii
You be my alpha omega
Olorun, a gbe kaka
Gbongbo idile Jesse
Olorun, alagbara
Alagbada ina
Alawo tele oorun
Oba to fi sanmo bora bi aso, bora bi aso


Without you God
How can I ever survive
You give me joy,
redemption to fade all the line
I realise no one else on this earth
That is holier than God
You make me laugh
in the midst of temptation
You calm me down
in all situation
God please, God please
Give me more attention
and innovation


Oba mi alagbara baba
Iwo ni gbongbo idile Jesse
Olorun, a gbe kaka
Olorun robi danu o
Oba nla
Oromo nishe fayati
Hmm hmm hmm

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