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9ice – Kasa Final lyrics



You know




Fine girl, let me take your breath away (x2)

Ere ki l’aja n b’ekun se l’eyin ka wole ka s’ere

Ka lo soti somolo

We can do it all alone, girl I’ll be on top

We can party in the club

Ta ba dele ka fiyofayo


I be attacker

On the speed, na me the master

ID Cabasa, my duty speed

I be energizer

Kasa final

Ko so mo na ti o jo se done test my bulala

Halima, Rashida, Kudira, Basira

wey try am, done shout Wayo Allah

Ke ku le to gbo ko so fun toko

Ijalo ko le wo sokoto, done come

Mo n tena lo, non stop

Kijipa le ju tanpoli lo, non stop

Mo n tena lo, non stop

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Bi orobo and lepa, mo le tu le ka

Mo n tena lo non stop

Ki ma kuru ki ma ga baby, I really like that

Agba to lomi ninu kan ki n pariwo

I got my touch lemme, Mr Fiyofayo

Agba to lomi ninu kan ki n pariwo

I got my touch lemme, Mr Fiyofayo

Ibadi omo ele ko ma gbon sese

Bi sekere, ma lo le pepe

Bi kelebe

Ma lo re [ma lo]

Kasa final



Na me Alapomeji

Omo e don tey

O mo meme, Omo ele to fi han mi

Mo ti ja ro mi, ma je gbogbo dididomi

Alapomeji na fineboy

Look at me dada

So je banana

Omo ele pa boot e de

O laya akeboje, ma lo sun kaka

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Kutupa kutupa, Eshin ganga

Kirakita o d’ola

Omo je a se daadaa

We can can do it in the bath tub

No wahala

You can scream all you can baby

This na final

Let me do all I can baby baby please

Feel me (x4)

Let me do back and front baby please

Feel me (x4)


Wigidi (x4) [O di worokoto] (x2)

Open, close, open, close [Kasa final] (x2)


I got a lot of beat and a lot of guts

pushing all around the room where my prayers

Girl if you like it, I can go extra miles

oh baby, do you like that

Keep my movements driving you crazy

I could turn up the music, or stick to basics

Baby come, I have it in here

We can do it in the bathtub, who says we can’t

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Let the world turn on, make sure the light is off

There’s some fun, now me turning you on, you moan

We bringing it all out after so much fun




Alapo Plenty

Alapo Many

Alapo Various

Alapo Surplus

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