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Amber Mark – On & On Lyrics


3 am oh how the time fly by

Keep staring into the night sky I

I’m just looking for a reason why

Got too much cooped up in my mind


I’m so freaking overwhelmed, oh no

I don’t even trust myself no more

Reaching out without connection

So lost can’t even see my own reflection

That’s it how fucked it is

Look to a pool of giving up feel like jumping in

Keep saying that I’ll be OK

But I stay waiting for that sunny day

Yeah, yeah

When your heart felt so apart

And you just don’t feel good enough to reach for them stars

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It’s like I’m one in each and every day

But is it winning if it’s always

Third place

No matter how hard I try

I can’t seem to find the light

Feeling like there’s more to life

Wish that I could see the signs

But when it gets tough

What is done is done

Surrender to all problems

On and On

(On & On & On & On & On & On & On &)

I’ve never been more confused

My confidence won’t come through

Lost so much it’s hard to tell

What’s fake and what’s myself

Thinking I’m not good enough

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I’m begging to be given a sign

‘Cause I keep holding me back and

My mind keeps taking me so off track

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