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Andy Mineo – Trying Lyrics

[Intro: Ryan Lott]

What will we do now we’ve lost it to trying?

We’ve lost it to trying (Trying)

[Verse 1: Andy Mineo]

Trying to be content, ain’t trying to be complacent

Trying to stay grounded while I’m trying to break it

Trying to stay motivated, my motor’s waning

I got invitation to the game, don’t wanna overstay it

Trying to be a great husband, trying to be a great artist

Trying to find inspiration

Trying to find where a heart is, yeah

Trying to blow your mind and speaker

Trying to buy it, never lease it, trying to get some time with Jesus

Trying to find my genius, trying to hide my secrets

Trying to find a reason, trying to trust my ideas

Trying to speed the process, trying to stop reading comments

Trying to find some confidence (I’m trying to find my keys)

I’m trying to be respected, trying to hit the checklist

Trying to reach perfection, trying to leave an impression

Trying to put this phone down for a second, trying to check it

I’m trying to live up to everything I expected

Trying to buy some Bitcoin, trying to buy some loyalty

Trying to find a producer who wants more than just a royalty

I’m trying to innovate while everybody trying to imitate

Trying to make it look like I ain’t trying, damn

[Chorus: Andy Mineo]

All my life all I ever did was (Try)

I’m just (Trying)

All my life all I ever did was (Try)

I’m just (Trying)

[Verse 2: Andy Mineo]

Trying to stop trying and start trusting, trying to stop lusting

Trying to stop cussing, ah **** it

Trying to have my name in the top ten whenever that’s in discussion

I’m trying to make a major impact with an indie budget

I’m trying to be present, trying to be faithful, trying to be grateful

I’m trying to be gracious, but they try my patience

I’m trying to be great, trying to find balance

Trying to move forward, never go backwards

Ain’t trying to be average, live a life that matters

Trying to outrun sadness, eat more salad

Trying to leave my baggage but I keep on packing

Trying to get back in to the road less traveled

But I need my map, I delete my apps

For a week then I’ll be right back

I’m trying to see me in a ‘Lac

On the West Side Highway doing ninety with the seat leaned way back

Beat in the back

I got baggage I ain’t unpack

I got things that I can’t take back

Words that I tell myself way worse than the ones when they attack

Now one thing I know is for certain, I’m gonna ruin everything trying to make it perfect

All my life I’ve been searching

For protection, I show the blemish

They go to exit, no affection

Show the love, don’t finesse it

Flesh and blood, not the weapon

Load it up, get the message

Phone ’em up, get the blessing

Rolling up, codependent

[Chorus: Andy Mineo]

All my life all I ever did was (Try)

I’m just (Trying)

All my life all I ever did was (Try)

[Outro: Andy Mineo]

What if I showed up, could it be enough?

What if I showed up, could it be enough

I can’t be everything, that I wanna be for you

But I’ll be here trying

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