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Asa – Shine Your Light (Bonus Track) Lyrics


What’s on your mind child?

Tell me all your troubles

What’s on your mind child?

I’ll help you lift your worries

Share with me your secret problems

Maybe I can help you solve them

Is all you need

And if you wait a while child

You’ll find that you’ll be okay

I only know of one solution

You and only you can do it

Shine your lights

Don’t let nobody tell you

You can’t shine your light

Go out enter the world

And do just what you like

What’s on your mind now

You see you’re not so different

So don’t bail out

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No excuses, no defence

Say it like you really mean it

Everything you say believe it

After the dawn comes the light

And you know nobody can tell you no more

Hallelujah, you believe it

I can see that you can do it

Shine your lights now

Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid

No room, no room, no room for fear now

Go out, enter the world and show yourself

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