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AUDREY NUNA – changes (pt. 2) Lyrics

Made changes

(I know I’ve said I tried to heal, but I’m only gettin’ sicker)


Ball seven times a day

Cop a selfie with the orphan in the mirror display

And if you’re home (Made changes)

Could you say sorry to my dad for me

I was such a sad kid

Bring the guillotine, let’s rewind it like a bad dream

Such a crime, kill time, blood wine, I’m fine

I say, yeah

I’ma lightweight (Made changes)

‘Cause I’m Third Eye Blind

Feel like Abraham, feel like Comic Sans

Overused for that pic for the ‘gram

Feel like Abraham, ayy, ayy

Yeah, has it been working, [and hurting, 0:40?]

[It ain’t these Hermès that get through the day?]

Allergic to lies, I’m always in hives

But no I don’t need your epipen, I got my own (Made changes)

Stepped over in my kitchen

The roaches ate my chicken

[I frame those little wins/ I flame those little ones? 0:50]

Call it Kentucky Fried

Made changes

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