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Banky W – Could Have Been lyrics


I try to tell you but the words don’t come, and

I try to talk I got a twisted tongue

Don’t understand you mean the world to me, and

You don’t understand baby you just don’t see, and

Sometimes I wish that you could read my mind, and

See how I think about you all the time, and

I’d do anything to keep you to myself,

I’m going crazy, only you can help,


Could have been you

Could have been me

Could have been we belong together

Could have been us

Could have been love

Could have been always and forever

Could have been life

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Could have been my wife

Could have been us through stormy weather,

Girl I tried and I tried to prove my love was true,

Could Have been me and you

[Verse 2:]

I did wrong but, you did wrong too

Now we’re stuck and don’t know what to do

Every moment we’re together girl it seems like endless fights

But every day I’m without you it ends in sleepless nights

And it’s been so rough, Need your love, Miss your touch

We make up, just to break up,

I hate that I love you so much

Girl you were my Cinderella, Should have been forever,

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Me and You together, You and me



See now I know what it’s like to be in love, but it hurts,

Now that I know what it’s like, I don’t think I could feel worse,

Cause when you fall in love, your whole world gets torn apart,

And now this beauty stole my heart

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