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Be An Overcomer Hymn

Be An Overcomer

Be an overcomer, only cowards yield

When the foe they meet on the battlefield;

We are blood-bought princes of the royal host,

And must falter not, nor desert our post.


Never yield a step in the hottest fight,

God will send you help from the realms of light;

In Jehovah’s might put the foe to flight,

And the victor’s crown you shall wear at last.

Be an overcomer, He who stands with you

Is a mighty One, who is always true;

In the sorest conflict you shall win the day,

Face the legions dark till they flee away.

Be an overcomer, you are heaven’s heir,

And a crown of life you may ever wear;

So with courage press the battle to the gates,

Till you gain the prize which in heaven waits.

Be an overcomer, forward boldly go,

You are strong enough if you count it so-

Strong enough to conquer through sustaining grace,

And to overcome every foe you face.

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