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Behold The Dying Savior Hymn

Behold The Dying Savior

Ah, poor sinner, think of Calv’ry,

Of the One who suffered there;

Do you know He died in mercy,

All your load of guilt to bear?


Sinner, oh behold His passion,

It will melt thy heart of stone;

Come, receive His great salvation,

Meekly bow, thy Savior own.

Jesus-oh, that name so precious!-

‘Tasted death for every man,’

And His blood will purge thy conscience

From the deepest crimson stain.

Not compelled, but love so willing,

Took our sins and died instead;

From His tomb a life is springing

That will raise thee from the dead.

There He bled and died, an off’ring

For the world of sinners lost;

Oh, what pangs His visage marring!

Sinner, this thy soul has cost.

Oh, the wonder and amazement,

That a creature, human formed,

Can behold the Lamb’s atonement,

And not bow, by love disarmed.

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