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Big Boogie – 392 Lyrics

BigDude bitch, young n**** BigDawg, bitch, I’m lit

Cartier bezel, curls all over my arm, you’d think it’s a kit

Ain’t no pressure ’bout shit, Big Dude, baby, I’m lit as it gets

Sliding this cat, high speed driving, them bitches can suck my dick

Bitch, I’m rich, I’m the young n**** that’s talking that shit

Soon as I drop my album, talking my shit, go bump my shit

I got some hitters legit, I got some n***** with whatever I’m with

N***** get fresh for the bitch, backwards ass n**** poor as the bitch

How you gon’ challenge the rich? How you gon’ beef, no money, no sticks?

How the fuck you a big homie? You used to be this and you used to be this

Ay, I don’t got time for no broke shit, bitch, I’m thugging, spend racks on kicks

Young Black n**** don’t miss, I know I got haters, but they ain’t on shit

Look at my n***** them mouth, this shit is amazing, they popping they shit

Been on the road for a year, I bet’ not run up behind no bitch

Bullets fly, ZaZa super fly

This shit CMG, MURDER forever, Jook said, “Do or die”

These n***** can’t even pay for feature, they say that my prices too high

I go where I wanna, my jewelry ain’t tucked, please don’t try me, you die

I just be spending and making it, big bro call like, “What did you buy?”

I be so high I can’t lie, don’t care what I buy, just know I be fly

Cut that bitch off from everything, ’cause I’m that n****, ho, why would you lie?

BigDude baby, they hate me, baby, but hold on, I got a surprise

I’m the young n**** that’s dicking her good, looking her right in her eyes

She say that I’m toxic, lies, big house in Atlanta vibes

Ooh, ooh, I’m BigDude I’m the young n**** that didn’t have it in school

Last bitch hurt me, she know she cursed me, my new bitch like what did she do?

Back then I was a fool, now that I’m rich, I’m using my tools

Big Boogie, baby, I’m cool, just stay in your lane, don’t mean to be rude

One, two, three, choppas fun

We got tick tock, bombs, KFC, n****, I ordered a drum

I ain’t got nothing to say, my lil’ brother died so nobody safe

Bitch, I got money to play, MURDER forever this shit in my face

Ooh, I’m BigDude, ooh

Ooh, I’m BigDude, ooh

Ooh, ooh, I’m BigDude, ooh

Play in person, yeah, you toodaloo

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