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Big Boogie – Lower Level Talk Lyrics


Aye, I was just facing 65 years

But God had another plan, yeah

I had a bunkie name Cartilo

He fighting cases but I pray they let him free though (Man, I pray they let you free though)

First I met a dude name Draco (Yeah, Draco)

Every night I was venting, that shit was straight though

I met Lil B, he on the way though

That guy 100 I can see it in his face though, for real

I met Wile, he’ll murder you

Booty eatin’ bunkie, play with Boogie, they’ll murder you


Jayvo he just beat the case

Play on the streets, we on go we unloading the cage

I had to see these n***** plenty days

Staying up and laying down, sharing plenty trays (On lockdown)

Lower level real torture, Memphis mobs n***** running shit like real horses

I met some thugging ass n***** for real, question

How many killers showed you love in jail? No question

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Them n***** never had jobs, them n***** dry with the rod

Some kill in broad day, we was all in one part

Fans sending hot plates and sending letters and cards

They didn’t know I was coming, I just responded thank God

I talked to Q damn near everyday (That’s my blood )

He was heartbroken when I left him home, now he straight (You good n****)

I was missing Raya everyday

I told Reauna be cool, stop cryin’, I’m on the way (I got you my love)

Huncho cried when I hit the gates (Best friend)

Rudeboy holding it in, he said, “Boog you straight”(My lil demon)

Zell cried, hit that head with me (My dawg)

Richard eyes was red as hell, that shit was scared to me (My dawg) for real

Kj keep one in the head with it

I pray for cuz ’cause I don’t want to see you dead with it

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Love you

Let me talk this time out for Godice

You my brother and I love you but you loving backwards

You loving people that don’t know shit about you

Open your eyes before they close, this your last chapter

Then Askew, I just can’t avoid it

You know you hurt me like you did

I felt disappointed (Still do)

You had me lonely in the fucking cell

If you was jailing, I want half, that’s what’s brothers do

For real

You know I’m riding right or wrong with you

I wasn’t gon’ say nothing to you ’cause you wrong n****

I still love you, I don’t dislike you

God showed me you can really live your life without me

Then T-Bo, we brothers, we close

I just feel like you don’t really take me serious though

Then Bean, I love you bro, just listen

It ain’t no beef with me and you, we just keeping distance (We fam)

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But if it’s fuck me then it’s fuck you back

But I can’t say that to you thug, I always had your back (R4L business)

This that lower level talk

(This that lower level talk)

This my lower level talk

(This my lower level talk)

I had to lower level talk

(I had to lower level talk)

This the lower level talk

(I got chills in this bitch)

Lower level talk

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