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Bigger Everyday Lyrics by Moses Bliss


 Lyrics: Bigger Everyday Moses Bliss Lyrics Ft. Festizie, Membrane, Uwa, Chris Heaven & Temple


Oh, oh, oh, oh,

Ooh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[Pre – Chorus]

{I have Jesus in my Life

I’m Living for his Glory

I’m on Fire Everyday

And nothing can stop me

Doesn’t matter what I Face

I am getting Bigger Everyday

Everyday} [x4]


{We getting Bigger Everyday

Bigger Everyday

We getting Bigger Everyday

Bigger Everyday

No Limitations, we’ve Taken Over

We getting Bigger Everyday} [x2]

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Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[Verse 1]

When we step in the Arena

Is a Banger

Silence the Voice of failure

We make Success Louder oh

Bigger and bigger, we’re bigger

And it’s Realer than Real

And we are on Fire

This is the Life that we Choose

We Balling in the Holy Ghost

Higher we go

We will never stop oh

[Verse 2]

There’s a Spirit that’s Alive in me

The Spirit of the Lord

And it’s taking me to Levels

Me I’ve never been before

I gat Joy like a River

Chopping Life like a Pizza

Cos I’m Bigger, Bigger

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I’m Bigger, bigger, bigger yeah

[Verse 3]

We know who we are

We’re Born of God oh

We know what to do, we are the Future

I’m Unstoppable

I’m the Fourth Man, I’m like a City

That is set upon the Hill Top

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