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Bill Wurtz – ​money Lyrics


[Verse 1]

Got some money, got some cash

I’m rich and now I’m sad

And I wonder if I’m sad about the money that I have

Got some boats on my plane

At the hotel where I’m staying

Just in case I ever have to swiftly get away

[Verse 2]

And the window is broken

And cold winds are blowing in at me

That’s when I knew that the fairytale is true

And tomorrow I’m going out to sea

[Verse 3]

Got some money in my hand

And it makes me mad

Because I don’t know what money means

[Verse 4]

Everyone knows that the world is cold

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And you can warm it up with a little true love

And I wish to explain all the ways

Friends and lovers can go all the way

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to me

One day will feel complete

Happy birthday to somebody in the streets

Who’s been waiting patiently

[Verse 5]

Got money, some cash

I keep it in my head

And I think about it all day but I can’t spend it

Hello it’s a Tuesday show

‘Cause Wednesday seems so long ago

I said it three or four songs ago

It’s time for the show

[Verse 6]

Got some money in my hat

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And it makes me seem tall

I can see where all the money in the world has gone

It’s swimming!

Across the floor of the ocean

Peacefully floating there

It’s 4.95, some call it 3.99

Some call it a billion

[Verse 7]

Money is bad

I don’t understand what to do it with it

Or how to deal with it, yeah

Or tell my friends

What it does

How it works

What it’s worth

And if it can change the world


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