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Biography and date of birth of rapper Doja Cat, her personal life and interesting facts

Biography and date of birth of rapper Doja Cat, her personal life and interesting facts

 Doja Cat biography 

Amalaratna Zandili Dlamini was born on October 25, 1995 in Los Angeles in a wealthy family of a film producer, composer and actor who came to the United States from South Africa, Dumisani Dlamini. Mother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is an American of Jewish origin. Talented children are often born from such mixtures of blood. 

Amalaratna’s mother is an actress and artist, and her grandmother is also an artist. Thus, the girl was born in a creative family and had serious opportunities for career advancement from birth. She did not have to break through with her work and talent, like some other artists. 

The childhood of the singer

 Amalaratna’s childhood years were spent in rich areas, but her brother, who was fond of rap, often participated in rap battles on the network, on the MySpace platform, showed his sister how it happens. She did not lag behind him and gradually joined the rap culture, recording her texts and throwing them on the net. 

The girl from early childhood was engaged in playing the piano, as well as dancing, which, of course, developed a sense of rhythm and musicality. 

The path to creativity and music As Amalaratna said in an interview, she was influenced by the music of those performers whom she listened to as a teenager – singer Nicki Minaj, Erika Badu, Drake, “PartyNextDoor”. In addition, the girl said that Japanese and Indian culture, in particular Hinduism, are quite close to her and also influenced her worldview. 

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It was at this time that she took the pseudonym Doja Cat, under which her first single was released in 2013, which brought her fame – “So High” (“So High”). 

Success and popularity of Amalaratna

 Since 2014, the song “So High” continued to rotate and became more and more popular. It was hosted on the European platform SoundCloud and used as the soundtrack for the movie “Empire”. So Doja Cat went global. And her collaboration with RCA Records began.

 Since 2015, she began to release joint tracks with rapper Maco Mattox and other American artists. For her singles, she shot videos that collected a large number of views. The meaning of her songs – not far filling – about guys, sex, soft drugs, complicated relations with the police and other rubbish that does not carry any semantic load.

 In 2918, the Internet began to simply “fly away” to the new Doja Cat song about a cow – “Moo” (“Mooo!”). By this time, the rapper had already recorded the first studio album – “Amala ” , which included 5 songs. All of them were quite hyped. 

Image of Biography and date of birth of rapper Doja Cat, her personal life and interesting facts MP3 DOWNLOAD

After the “song about the cow”, Doji the Cat became truly world-famous, and in the world of fem-rap, they began to reckon with her as a well-known person. Although there is no point in the video, it got 2 million fans and many copies posted by fans who starred in the same role as a cow. 

To complete the picture, it is worth quoting the text of this “masterpiece”: “S..a, I’m a cow / I’m not a cat / I don’t say “meow” / S..ka, I’m a cow / I say “ooo” (I’m a cow, I’m a cow , I am a cow) / Mooo (I am a cow, I am a cow, I am a cow, I am a cow). To date, this video has 64 million views and 1.4 million likes on YouTube. 

On November 7, 2019, she releases her second studio album, Hot Pink ( Hot Pink ). 

Now the girl has become even more popular. Her composition “Juicy”, released in 2019, entered the top 100 songs of the world chart, ranking 89th. It has 80 million views on YouTube. The meaning of the song is not much deeper than “Moo”. The girls demonstrate juicy forms, and the author of the song differs more than others in this regard. 

Personal life Nothing is known about relationships with the opposite sex. But, judging by the posts on Twitter, Doja Cat is a feminist, and she feels only contempt for men. Doja Cat 

Interesting facts about the person The pseudonym Doja Cat is associated with the slang name of marijuana and the singer’s favorite animals. 

If you look at the horoscope of a girl, then he says that the main features of the essence of a person born on this day are enchanting, insensitive, meanness. Maybe it scares men away from the rapper, and not her feminist views at all? However, at 24 it is not too late to change your views. 

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