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BlocBoy JB – No Chorus, Pt. 13 Lyrics


(Tay Keith Fuck These N***** Up)

Ha, ha, ha wait wait yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Hold on choppa give ya mans a big scar like frozone

I keep dat but I might heat but might but coat on

Des n***** cowards actors Terrence Howard

Whoop dat tricc get my hustle n flow on

I’m on bloc wit like two or 3 chops

If you riding wit them you get rode on

You pulled crime a with a another 69

If you riding wit him you get told on

Bam stay wit me I’ma flintstone

Safety I got that sacc In da end zone

God blessed a g all da shit da did wrong

From robbing to dumping at opps mak em get gone

Never gave a t.I.p just to go home

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You see me in the streets N**** youn me

Caught em at da gas station in a old caprice

Let’s some air up out his tire he thought he a slow leak

Bitch I’m really from the streets had it hard concrete

Ima raptor wit this 23 Fred vanvleet

Bullets hit in da head now his heart won’t beat

If I beef about a bitch I’ll be hard on me

Walk down gang like my car on e

Still gone run wen the police freeze

N***** talking all dat Gangsta shit

Shots to his put em on da blogs N**** say cheese

I didn’t walk cross dat stage but in da hood I feel intelligent

I’ll never diss a n**** for relavance

You want some smoke with the bloc ain’t no settlements

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I smoke a blunt just to get my element

My 4 pockets full lil baby

Reach my for chain I might pull a da baby

Cs in air Yelling out who the greatest p

I’ma be banging did shit till I’m eighty

Bitch I’m da on one like the matrix (neo)

No I’m not got but bacc to basics (Gotti)

I threw bullets at em but his mans caught it

Interception I guess he a safety(gott emm)

I might put diamonds on all of my bracelets

Flew with my chopper now dats a dracation

Been in shootouts up on separate occasions

Benjamin Franklin in my poccet he a racist

Shake a N**** down get naked

Heen get a pass hood heen good

We gone slime dat N**** out don’t say shit

I done stay down for a long time

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Can forget the time I was living in the basement

Been a up in da hood throwin Gang

Mama look at me I told her I’m grasping

YNC living its Rest In Peace doot the doo

Ain’t wit the woo ask woo and nell

Im wit the shit yea dey call me loc poop the scoot

I’ll get you gone from the hole in the cell

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