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BlocBoy JB – Smoke Lyrics


Smoke Lyrics by BlocBoy JB & EST Gee


(Load me up IV)

(Tay Keith this too hard)

I’m back in my bag, they stealing my swag, but this the original flow

If I see a opp then I’m peeling his boat

Fuck a 4 of da lean, pour a pint on his toe

Now who want the smoke?


I want the smoke

Fuck all talkin’ let’s meet at yo door

I’m pedaroll mafia big babyloc

And I got tiny locs

And I fuck wit da folks

And I fuck wit da Joes

And I fuck wit da bloods

My bitch keep a strap, I ain’t fuckin wit studs

Just fucked a bitch, but I told her it’s love

I was so down I looked up, seent the sidewalk

Me and brothers, we played in da mud

I’m feeling offset I just might bussdown to carti

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So bitch, if it’s up then it’s stuck

What you gon’ do when up in the combat

Bullets start hitting the back of yo truck

My throwaway was a XD Compact

9 lemon squeeze was the one that I bussed

He want dat beef, put ’em up in that lunchpack

I ain’t smoking opps, they was killed out of love

I’m getting high, Lil Baby that’s a fun fact

But the marijuana is my only drug

I’m off a ex lap

Tryna give a dirt nap

Came from a perk, yeah must been a dud

I’m tryna bump on this beef, I like contact

N***** was scared to come out where we was

Hollow tips hit ’em, explode on contact

Rip him up quickest way, get him a bust

He don’t drop videos ’cause he took broke to go buy him some clothes


That n**** a bum

AR flip a car rip through the motor

It sounds explosive a bunch of alarms

I got a switch on a nine with a drum

It’s so fast you braggin’ no way he can run

I don’t feel sympathy turn to a memory

Cuttin’ my dog up for me and the bruh’s

I got some good smack tying my backpack

Hit it with superman turn it to fudge

I’m feeling Shiesty, I just put his mans in Durk

So tell ’em to get it in blood

I’m uncle Elroy, these rappers dae dae

I swear these n***** my lil bitty boys

When I got locked up it was for robbery

Went back to school then they gave me a board

You got me fucked thinkin’ ’bout robbing me

Up with that Drake, make him mission abort

I got into it when we played the basketball

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I was the first to take shit off the court

I’m on the bloc man, I feel like Marc Gasol

I was just plotting on robbin’ the source

I lay ’em down make ’em count to a thousand

He move he gon’ die before he make a choice

Look in his eyes, I can tell he a bitch, man

I know he didn’t hop of the porch, he was forced

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