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Blood & Bones Lyrics by Rilès


My barge is about to leave, and I won’t come back

I won’t be back until Anukis, deviates the path

The longer the fight is, the bigger am I

Fucking ocean I can see, thousands of Scyllas

If the wind blows, then I’ll blow with it

Be my scarecrow, I’ll be your demon

If I know that I know, I’m invincible

If I show what I show, I got a good reason


Like everybody else, you’re “the only one”

But on the two-headed king I only see a crown

Still starving for victory, Muhammad Alian

Everything is real, zero overdone

I raise my glass to the Evil all his bitches around


Let’s dance together, meia lua de frente

Let’s fight forever cause we’re on the same ground

Till muscles, till heart, till blood & bones…


Break my legs, cut off my arms

Caucasian eagle don’t you see I’m uneatable?

Torture’s mate, crucified lungs

I got a second wind, I sweep this fucking Nemean lion

(And I’m still on my barge, killing Scyllas)

I pray on Vinci’s ashes, mind like Edvard’s Cry

Astonishing, fucking precious

Bitches around can’t understand

You know that I’m fucking jealous

Watch your back, watch your dimes

If I made it, I made it on purpose

…I’m fine

Too much to blame, in this game

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Still remain, untamed

Pardon me, I’m french

But African veins

(African power motherfucker

Run like an antelope

Motherfucker I’m dope)

Blood & bones…


I came through these fences

Blood & bones

Ashes to ashes

Blood & bones

Bitches and bitches

Blood & bones

Clashes and crashes

Blood & bones

[Hook x3]

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