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437–Earth rejoice our Lord is King hymn

Earth, rejoice, our Lord is King!

Songs of men Hi praises sing

Sing ye in triumphant strains

Jesus the Messiah reigns!

Pow’r is all to Jesus giv’n,

Lord of hell, and earth, and heaven,

Every knee to Him shall bow;

Satan, hears, and tremble now!

Angels and archangels join,

All triumphantly combine,

All in Jesus’ praise agree,

Carrying on His victory.

Though the sons of night blaspheme,

More than are with us than them;

God with us, we cannot fear;

Fear, ye friends, for Christ I here!

Lo! To faith’s enlightened sight,

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All the mountain flames with light;

Hell’s nigh, but God is nigher,

Circling us with hosts of fire

Christ the Saviour is come down

Points us to the victors crown,

Bids us take our seats above,

More than conquerors in His love

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