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Now it is high time to awake out of sleep

Rom 13:11

My blessed Redeemer

Rescue me from this sleep

Do tell me now wake up, wake up

Jesus shall make thee whole

Do lay Thy hands on me

And wake me now from this sleep

Give me the understanding Lord

Thy might, Thy pow’r how great

Let me cry unto Thee

And let me be watchful

Lest I fall into temptation

And thereby loose my shield

Now let me be prepared

Against the foe’s attack

For ever to stand uprightly

And look unto Thee

Thou seest my weakness Lord

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Jesus my strength Thou art

My helper in adversity

My refuge ad my shield

Lord let me trust in Thee

Be Thou my dwelling place

Thou art my shield and my buckler

And Thou art my Saviour

I cannot save myself

Nor can I keep myself

My strength doth come Lord from Thine hand

O Thou who slumbers not

To Thee and Thee alone

I my life doth commend

Jesus love me just as Thine own

And love me to the end

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