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Hymn 661:

Glory praise and honour

Unto Jesus our Lord

For keeping us alive

And to witness this day

Our hearts are fill’d with joy

For His great privilege

And to labour for thee

In thy vineyard on earth.

We thank thee for guidance

And the pow’r of spirit

And the gift of great love

That blinds is together

O Jesus, our shepherd

Accept our praises now

For Thy compassion sake

Unite us for ever.

Bless us heav’nly Father

On this our harvest day

Send thy sign unto us

To have joy in thy praise

Let us be successful

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Lord in our daily tast

Let’s put our trust in Thee

For ever and ever.

O Lord our creator

Fountain of Salvation

Make us worthy O Lord

In thy heavenly home

At the end of our lives

In this world of misery

That we may have a place

In thy Kingdom, O Lord.

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