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CAC GHB 772 Keep from presumptous sins

Keep from presumptuous sin
It is what my God hates
Lord, create in me a clean heart,
Renew a right spirit.

Then shall this  heart of mine
Hate filthiness within
In love Thou hast sanctified it
It will not sin again.

Thy commandment is pure
Jesus, teach me Thy laws
Thy spirit gives laws that bring life
Write them upon my heart

Plant them deep in my heart
That it may ne` er be moved
Law of freedom from transgressions
The perfect law of love

Let your life become mine
A life that is spotless
Draw Thou my heart closer to Thee
Every hour of the day.

Life and spirit Thou art
Redeemer of the world
Make Thou my father’s will in heav’n
Be done in me, I pray.


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