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Camp Cope – Running with the Hurricane Lyrics


Well, I can’t get out of this hole I’ve found

I’ve seen the light and it’s not going out

She talks me up, I bring myself down

Comparing the best parts of you to the worst in myself

I get so bored thinking about anyone else

And if this is the bottom I can show you around

There’s no other way to go

There’s no other way to go

Look out boys, I’m on fire and I’m not going out

I’ve been moving with the bodies that move to a different sound

And that fire started burning, and that hurricane was turning once I moved

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And if this is the bottom, I can show you what to do

There’s no other way to go

There’s no other way to go

The only way out is up

And I’m keeping up

The only way out is up

Yeah, I’ve been keeping up

I’m climbing out, I can feel the air

I feel it like it’s always been there, it says, “The only way out is up”

I can stretch my legs and run

Oh, I’m taking my place, running with the hurricane

Breaking these chains, running with the hurricane

Started painting my face, running with the hurricane

I push through the pain, running with the hurricane


I’m taking my place, taking my place


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