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Child in the manger, Infant of Mary,
Outcast and Stranger, Lord of all,
Child Who inherits all our transgressions,
All our demerits on Him fall.
Once the most holy Child of salvation
Gently and lowly lived below.
Now as our glorious mighty Redeemer,
See Him victorious o’er each foe.
Prophets foretold Him, Infant of wonder;
Angels behold Him on His throne.
Worthy our Saviour of all our praises;
Happy forever are His own.
Hymn 289:
Children of Jerusalem
Sang the praise of Jesus’ Name:
Children, too, of modern days
Join to sing the Saviour’s praise.
Hark, hark, hark, while infant voices sing,
Hark, hark, hark, while infant voices sing
Loud hosannas, loud hosannas,
Loud hosannas to our King.

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We are taught to love the Lord,
We are taught to read His Word;
We are taught the way to Heav’n:
Praise for all to God be giv’n.

Parents, teachers, old and young,
All unite to swell the song;
Higher and yet higher rise,
Till hosannas fill the skies.

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