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Chiny Ezike – Alpha and Omega Lyrics


Everybody, Somebody Give The Lord Praise……..

Jehovah Lee Lee

You “Re Alpha And Omega (3x)

Iye Lee Lee (3x)

You’re Alpha And Omega

From The Raising Of The Sun, To It’s Going Down

You Never Fade Lord

You Never Changeth (2x)

I Will Praise Your Name…..

Iye Lee Iye Lee

I Will Adore Your Name

Iye Lee Iye Lee

I Will Lift Your Name On High…

Iye Lee Iye Lee (2x)

Jejovah Lee Lee

You’re Alpha And Omega (3x)

When You Open The Door

Mo Man Can Shot It Down

When You Lift Us Up

No Man Can Pull Us Down

When You Say Yes

No Man Can See Know (2x)

For You ‘Re Lifter Of My Head

You’re The Air I Breath

You’re The Everlasting Father

The Mighty God

Oituaka Na Erumba

Odi Nma Na Eme Nma

Alagbra Tiga Tiga Tiga…..

Jehovah Lee Lee

You’re Alpha And Omega (3x)

You Are Alpha And Omega, No One Can Be Compare To You,

You Are The Light In The Darkness, The Beginning And The End….

You Are Alpha And Omega

Alpha And Omega……..

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