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Christ Apostolic Church CAC all Anthem Lyrics

On this page we will list out all Anthem of Christ Apostolic Church this anthem is accepted worldwide because it shows the logo of the church once its been sang anywhere 

Anthem Lyrics 1

Mo fara mo olorun babalola mo fara mo olorun apostolic ona iye yi yemi oo mo fara mo olorun babalola iye re ooo omi ye

Anthem Lyrics 2

C A C yi ti gbogbo wa ni koma gbodo baje Tori kosi bomiran to all lo ajo ko dabi ile eje ka sowopo kafimo sokan gbeee kemi gbe , pledge one Fold one shepherd


Anthem Lyrics 3

Awa lomo ijo CAC kadide ka se fe oluwa ojo oni lojo wa ko ni baje nigba tawa, jowo oluwa ninu anu re fun wa l’ emimimo ati agbara kale dopo omu ijo imu dopin ka le de ade ago nikeyin, amin.

CAC Praise Anthem  Lyrics 4

Call: Olorun C.A.C seun pupo laye wa o

Response: Olorun C.A.C seun 

Call: Olorun C.A.C seun pupo laye wa o

Response: Olorun C.A.C seun 

All: (Kilo se) Olorun C.A.C se, Olorun C.A.C se o, Olorun C.A.C seun tokan mi nfe Olorun C.A.C seun o  




1. We, The Children of C.A.C Mission

Let us rise and do the will of the Lord

The future of this Church is in our hands

It should not be destroyed in our time.

2. We are God’s own inheritance

Care and guidance are all that we need

Whosoever that faithfully do it

Shall see their reward when we prosper.

3. And Dear Lord, in Your Own Mercy

Fill us with your Holy Ghost and Power

That we’ll uphold the pillars of this Church

To receive glorious crown in the end.



I pledge to serve the Lord Jesus Christ

With my whole heart

And all the days of my life

To work for the growth and the unity of His Christ Apostolic Church

To obey, to teach others the way of salvation

And live a godly life, in my home, school, Church and country

Help me Jesus Christ. Amen.

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