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Circuit des Yeux – The Manatee Lyrics

The Manatee Lyrics by Circuit des Yeux (A Story of This World Pt III)


The skin on my nose was missing

From diving too deep

I pissed in the pool

Then used it for drinking

Then we danced in the sea

Naked in the wake

Walking to the dock

To see the sunrise one last time

You called it lunar monk soup

Elixir of the night

And I washed it down just right

Frozen, arms outstretched

I watched the colors dance

Pink, green, fuschia, red

And through the waves, they showed me

The stillness of being free

Just when I thought all the living had died

The manatee breathes

Soft tongue, tight jaw

Take the moment for what it was

Arms opened up

Pushing past the dreadful thought

Of a memory

A memory

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