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Counting Crows – The Tall Grass Lyrics


“Come outside,” she said to me

As if I knew just what she’d say

“Come outside, we’ll watch tomorrow

Pull the curtain on today”

“Come outside into the tall grass

And the old corn and the shit

Come outside o child

Into the wild and weep for it”

And all along I know

I don’t know the why

And it takes me through the meadows

And I have got a rifle on my arm

And the rabbit won’t stop shaking

But the life is gone

And there is blood upon the clover

And, oh god, his eyes are open wide

Staring up at me and infinity

And the shrinking English sky

And all along I tell myself

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I don’t know thе why

And as the idea ossifies

I can’t bеlieve it’s mine

I make a change

He is wordless and silent and

He says “Just close my eyes.”

“I have one eye open to the rain

And one pressed to the ground again

And I don’t know why…

And I don’t know why…

And I don’t know why…”

No they don’t know why

No they don’t know why

No they don’t know, don’t know don’t know, don’t know…

Oh, she takes a train to Paris

For a weekend with a friend

They take you places

Trains and summers

At 200 miles an hour

That you’ve never been

Did I ever say

The way your breath

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Takes mine away

As I start out at the grassland

Past the living and the dead

Matter forming and decaying

A perpetual uprising

Let there be a revolution

And a light to lead us on

Just a ball of souls revolving

Spinning circles round the sun

For the infinite and ageless

For the meaningless and painless

For the times we shook like rabbits

Felt like children

Made us ask this

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

For I am changing

But all the same things

Come back to haunt me

There are trains that can take a girl to Paris

There are planes that can bring you home

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There are some of us get broken when we’re children

And you never get it back once that is gone

And I don’t know why

No, I don’t know why

No, I don’t know why

No, I don’t know why

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