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CZARFACE & MF DOOM – Jason & The Czargonauts Lyrics

 CZARFACE & MF DOOM – Jason & The Czargonauts Lyrics


Anybody ever tell you look like the FACECZAR

I get that all the time

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]

King on the board, got ’em eyeing my next move

Your boy more water than Poseidon and Neptune

I bless fools, still in the rec room

Flow so scientific as if it’s fresh out a test tube

I’m true like the right answer

Known to swing big, this is par 5 at the Masters

The side-eyes hardly matter, fuck all the gossip and chatter

I’m gaining weight now, my pockets are fatter, yeah

Deck spaz, apocalypse now soon as the check cash

I spend half then flee the scene on a jet craft

Non-believers, see ’em with they jaws wide

I tear ’em up inside like a mom’s cry

I’m from SI, don’t mistake me for the next guy

You feel me youngin? Watch a vet ride

And consider yourself highly privileged to eyewitness

The mind twisted that I exhibit, dig it?

I leave you right beside the fishes, not personal, it’s business

Last wishes then it’s over with the quickness



My gun can’t stop it

Son of a bitch, son of a bitch

[Verse 2: Esoteric]

I’m hard to kill so guard your grill until it’s over with

CZARFACE and DOOM been pro-mask before corona hit

Legacy, so solidified that you can plank on it

Your only gun’s in your burner account, bank on it

You talking about killing snitches in one bar

You call your man your shooter, now he barely can come far

Claiming you moving them bricks with killers and goons in your clique

But I saw you grooving in Lululemon and Zumba with chicks

And that’s okay, but don’t tell me you locked in

With the Glock in both socks when you really in hot spin

My pen game is Endgame, I send flames, your best dame

Got E-S name engraved on her bedframe, you been lame

With your mind on the methane, saying, “Eso gettin’ gassed”

But I can pull the last when I’m at Esso getting gas



I heard Eso was a czar

I heard Deck was a czar

I heard DOOM was a villain

[Verse 3: MF DOOM]

Snatched the bag like the Grinch, dag, it’s a cinch

Snagged with the burner and ain’t seen your man since

Irrelevant to tag if the swag is past-tense

And karma swing backwards and drag, you can’t flinch

A thrill you deserve to feel if your ass is that dense

Like how you like them apples, confined to tin shackles

Predisposed tensions like hoes sitting in chapels

He in white sands, barin’ his black toes, sippin’ a Snapple

Fish taco, Casablanca, Morocco

Stash similar to the National Bank, vato

Got dough, probably some snitch or a sapo

Sing at the top of they lungs like chicks in the top row

Plus streams of confetti

Same reason he hardly talk to team on the celly

Breakfast continental, cream cheese, jelly

Bread long and smells [?] at the telly

[Verse 4: Del The Funky Homosapien]

Yo, Dzl the first to show who dependent

On crutches, pushed down the ramp that descended

Point at the west, commencin’ with the speech

It’s no handrail, very long, very steep

It may be slippery but I mop accordingly

Falling for it, that’s the last thing most importantly

It’s like being new and fake at the same time

Momentum ran ’em down ten feet, can’t grind

I see it like a cult leader

Holding a mass rally inside, slash mass-suicide

Bludgeoned right on the peak of a sudden spike

Cuffin’ mics, crushin’ massive egos to slush and ice

Nothing like my mentals and the muscle type

Ain’t no discussion with munchkins, they just as trife

Destroyed by a mere allegation

Falsely accused, just a clear adolescent

Which son is the right hunt? Try it, chump


Funky Homosapien

Funky Homosapien

I’m in an impossible fantasy world

It’s true, I’m going mad

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