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CZARFACE & MF DOOM – This Is Canon Now Lyrics


 CZARFACE & MF DOOM – This Is Canon Now Lyrics


What’s up?

What’s up? (CZARFACE!)

[Verse 1: Esoteric]

Bottom line, I’m only human, that’s the deal

I want powers but I’m not a superhero, so I steal

Yo, assemble your Avengers, if I want it, I’ma take it

Jacked Iron Man for his suit and left him stark naked

See, I’m a kleptomaniac and proud to rock a fest

I got sticky fingers like Spider-Man, so I don’t rest

And I never freeze, I took the herb from Black Panther

Left Asgard ass out when I shoplifted Thor’s hammer

I’m good for thieving like I’m Peter Quill even

Took his Walkman and jet, get out his (CZARFACE!) cassette

What should I do next? Something good? Something bad?

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A bit of both? I Grand Theft Auto’d the Milano, it was close

Then I got the Quinjet, ‘fore I was even in yet

Scott Lang couldn’t hang, I chin-checked an insect

Thanos tried to take me out, he should’ve gone for the dome

That’s a five finger discount for six stones, listen

[Bridge: Esoteric]

What’s up? (I’ll call the police, do that)

What’s up? (Steal)

Then I hit ’em off, I got the (I’ll call the police, do that)

If you doubt my word, test me

[Verse 2: Esoteric]

Who’s your favorite superhero? (Batman, why?)

Well ’cause I be out in Gotham, I be robbin’ him and robbin’ Robin

Anyone can get it, when I pay them a visit

Hugh Jack’ Wolverine for his claws ‘fore they could stick (No!)

Pacifist? Nah, put Danny Rand past the fist

I had to grip a couple shields, both caps and nicks

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The cracks and bricks, gotta say a shout to Jack Kirby

Cause it’s actually a jack move and I jacked his shit

Yeah, my plan bulletproof like Luke Cage skin

And I left Deathstroke alone cause Deadpool robbed him

You seen the Fantastic Four, I didn’t heard ’em

I just took every copy of every movie they made and burned ’em

Hey, Kevin Feige, well I got ya, listen real quick (Kevin?)

By the time you hear this, there better be this epic

Reed Richards, Sue Richards, Human Torch and Thing flick

Listen man, I steal, I’d even ride the Man of Steel

Last shot, I wanted cash, I just took a speed

So I was crazy fast when I jacked Groot for weed (Well done)

Punisher ran his nine, Silver Surfer ran his shine

And dare I say Daredevil, I robbed his ass blind

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[Outro: Esoteric]

Then I hit ’em off, I got the whole force

They look the other way and let the streets get chose

Then I hit ’em off (Black Panther)

Fou-fou-fours, they look the other way and let the streets get chose (The city)

Then I hit ’em, then I hit ’em, then I hit ’em

Hey what are you doing around this ice cream shop, donkey?

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