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D-Block Europe ft. Young Adz – Love is Blind Lyrics

[Intro: Young Adz]

Yeah (Ski)

[Chorus: Young Adz]

I know they say true love is blind (Uh)

You said some shit that crossed the line (Uh-huh)

What you said really hurt my pride

But everything is gon’ be fine

We kiss and make up in the night-time (Yeah, yeah)

I wasn’t really in the right mind (Nah, nah)

Long as I got you, I’ll be alright

Everything is gon’ be fine

[Post-Chorus: Young Adz]

Said, everything is gon’ be fine (Yeah)

Said, everything is gon’ be fine

Said, everything, it will be alright (Yeah, yeah)

Fine, said, everything is gon’ be fine

[Verse 1: Young Adz]

Trapper with feelings, I show ’em all to you

When I got you roses, I promised you, bought them all for you (All)

Love it when I’m spoiling you, can I put some oil on you?

All these bitches hatin’ the things that a nigga bought for you

I just bought some glizzys and sent them straight to the flats (Ski)

They need 29 just to whip it and get it back (Ski)

You think that my nigga so polite, he got a mac

And any nigga pose a threat, he’s gonna hit ’em in the hat

Like a thief in the night, playin’ Thugger in the coupe

Said “I love you” first and I think that you said “I love you too”

And all my favourite nights are rubbin’ on you, cummin’ up in you

And even if you had a twin, I’ll have to love and fuck her too

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