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Dayo Bello – Onyeoma Ft. Beejay Sax Lyrics


Hallelujah lift up Your voice everybody

Lift up Your hands clap Your hands oh ye people

Let’s magnify The King of Kings our Good God

The one who reign supreme

The one that reigns in splendour

He is the King of Kings

He’s the Lord of Lords

He is the ancient of Days

Join me as I lift up my God!

[Verse 1]

King of kings

Lord of lords

Faithful God

Ancient of Days

[Pre Chorus]

You’re not a man

You reign supreme

You are the Champion of my soul

Redeemer and the saviour of my soul


Onyeoma oooooo

Onyeoma oooooo

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Onyeoma oooooo

Onyeoma oooooo

Ezeę chuku

Our soon coming King

Ah Words cannot contain the things I wanna say to Him

Because He is the King of all Kings

Indescribable, Incomprehensible

He’s been marvellous to me

God has been so good to me

If God has been so good to You

Why don’t You just lift up Your hands with me and just magnify Him

Out of Your belly let the rivers of worship flow

Say something nice to Him

Say Lord You’re altogether lovely

You’re the bright and morning star

You know what even if You can’t find a word if You can’t a word

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Why don’t You say ooo





Father this is from me to You

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