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Death Lens – Abrupt Lyrics

Wake up for breakfast put a beer in my mouth

All these zoom meetings with no way out

I know I’m home, feels like a cubicle

With coworkers like cats and a dog named Oreo

Repeat and Repeat again

Over and Over again

Day after the day it’s the same

Living in a picture frame

I want to hang out go to places like before

But that won’t happen a long while more

It’s driving me insane, I feel this solemn pain

Took all this shit for granted

I should’ve gone, should’ve taken advantage

I’m feeling anxious

Too much I hate this

I’m feeling restless

The separation

I feel no senses

Oh God I hate this

Feeling defenseless

All this frustration

Don’t tell me what to do

I’m feeling Deja Vu

Solitude has been a bliss

So many things I miss

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