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Den – Sensations BBU22 (vs King Inertia) video + Lyrics



Den if famous for his musicality and combination of insane sounds to form awesome music. Here is his quarter final (1/4) round against King Inertia.

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Den – Sensations BBU22 (vs King Inertia) Video + Lyrics

Warm Like Sunlight

Calm Like Sunrise

You’re on my mind

You’re all the time

You’re so nice

you’re just so fine

Would you be mine

Would you be mine

I will treat you right

Trust me baby You’re one of a kind

Oh My, Those Eyes, On my

Oh why Decide, Don’t lie

Take me, Don’t Go

Just face me

I’ll Love you the most

I can do more than Just this

You deserve better

You’re on my mind all the time

Oh My, Those Eyes, On my

warm like sunlight

I’ll love you the most

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