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Differences between Gospel Song, worldly songs and Secular songs

Differences between Gospel Song, worldly songs and Secular songs

We know the meaning of gospel as anything (Music, drama, Dance, Preaching) that talks about the birth, mission, death, resurrection, ascension and coming of Our lord Jesus Christ. 

Gospel music is a world of Music that talk all about Jesus and God. Any song that doesn’t portray Christ is not regarded as gospel it is rather called secular songs.


Secular Songs

These three has distinct differences. Secular songs are any (other) songs that don’t focus on any religion thus it can be listened by all religion practitioners. Sola Allyson started as a Secular singer before finally switching to full time Gospel. Her initial song was love, nature and character based before she finally embraced Gospel in full time.

Worldly songs

This are type of song that Promotes Immoralities [email protected], Lust, [email protected] and money. It is deemed by its lyrics and most accepted songs in the world.

Worldly songs causes lots of damages in our world because I call it song of ‘Satan’ The fact is that majority listens to worldly songs thus. All the singers in this category make most money. No wonder the likes of Simi and Katy Perry Switched

Gospel Songs

Gospel songs like I said earlier are types of song that promote gospel of our lord Jesus. Its lyrics always contain; God, Love, trust in God, Freedom, and Salvation etc.

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