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Doe Boy – Covid-19 Lyrics

(Tay Keith, fuck these n***** up)

Yeah, Doe Beezy, Doe Beezy, Doe Beezy

Big Doe Beezy, excuse me

Fuck y’all talkin’ ’bout?

Hopped in the streets, jumped in headfirst (Jumped in headfirst)

We don’t shoot below the waist, bitch, we shoot head first (Brr)

I don’t have no money problems ’cause I put the bands first

Only problems that I got is who I want dead first (Oh, really?)

Fuck a COVID-19 (Fuck a COVID-19), I’m still outside with a Glock .19

I got cake all in my pockets, neck full of ice cream

All your homies dyin’, n****, you ain’t on the right team

You ain’t with the gang, you on the wrong side, bitch

Kick your door and leave your baby mama hog-tied, bitch

You can’t call I a bitch, you can’t call I a snitch

You can’t call I a broke boy, can’t even call my check

You don’t really rock designer, what you know ’bout them kicks?

See my gang up in the party, snuck them poses in the brr-brr

Said he with the shits, but I don’t know about his clique

Saw an opp in traffic, then I dove out that whip

Million dollars later, I’m still posted up on Knowles

Heard he scraped the bowls, scraped his face with this pole

Get a n**** murdered, then hop right back on the roll

Pussy ain’t gon’ catch a body, probably won’t even catch a cold

Ain’t gon’ put his hands on my, why he lyin’, sayin’ that?

Only time I be knocked out is in the backseat of a Maybach

Keep your barber drinkin’, son, rock your ass to sleep, we gon’ come through when you don’t think we comin’

Leave that n**** slumped over ’cause he think he tough as fuck

We hop out, we runnin’ up, shots to the neck, he drunk as fuck (Oh, really?)

I been poppin’ pill, gon’ make me pick back up the double cup

I thought they was gon’ come up the store we had to double up

Posted in the hood with that iron (With that on)

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