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Don Toliver – You Lyrics


[Intro: Travis Scott]

It’s crazy

[Verse 1: Don Toliver, Travis Scott, & Both]

You couldn’t get any better, baby (Ooh, ooh)

Your lips taste like candy cane, do tell (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

You’re my baby (Yeah)

So amazing, when I’m going in it

Houston baby, think of it

Like a candy way or different (Yeah)

You talk to me dirty, I’m talkin’ back like a reflex (Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

I know you love to play games (Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh), but it ain’t no recess

Around my town, they know my name (Ah, ah, ah), I put it on Jesus

I booked your plane, to come my way

I got on me checks

Starrin’ in my musical, without no feature

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Do me a favor (Do me a favor), and call a nigga back (A nigga)

I can’t contain ya (I can’t cont—)

‘Cause you’ve been in your bag (You been in your—)

And hop in your safe (Hop in your—)

I’ll make sure that you’re bad (Ooh, ooh)

You ain’t different (You ain’t), I’ll makе sure you know that you’re mine

I (I), baby, don’t liе (Ooh, ooh)

You ain’t doin’ alright (I)

You ain’t different, you, ooh-ooh, ooh

[Chorus: Travis Scott, Don Toliver, & Both]

You ain’t different, think of throwing back

Back, back (Woo)

You ain’t doin’ alright


You ain’t different, you, ooh-ooh

[Verse 2: Travis Scott]

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Before I break up out this place, take a eighth, and levitate

A lil’ brown skin hurricane, a bay-bay, bring the wave

TBA for the time and the space, lock the day

Know you like to coordinate

Know it’s good, see the hood in your face

Know you like to ride the wood, wanna see you do it like we in the H

Body good, body great

Below the waist, real estate

Know you like to ride the wood, wanna see you do it like we in the H

[Outro: Don Toliver]

Please, don’t make me think of it

Like you can’t wait a difference (Difference, difference)

You talk to me dirty, I’m talking back like a reflex (Talkin’ back like a—, like a—, talkin’ back like a—, like a—)

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I know you love to play games, but it ain’t no recess (Recess, recess)

Around my town, they knowin’ my name, I put it on Jesus (Jesus, Jesus)

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