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Download Mp3: Inna – Oh My God (Dj Tuncay Albayrak Remix)

Inna - Oh My God (Dj Tuncay Albayrak Remix)

“Oh My God” is a single by INNA released on April 29, 2021 via GLOBAL Records.

Inna first teased the song on TikTok on April 21, 2021, encouraging her fans to use it for their own videos. On April 27th, she officially announced the single on her social media, explaining that it is one of the tracks recorded during her Dance Queen’s House studio sessions the year before. It ultimately got left off the Heartbreaker album.

An official lyrics video for the song was released on the same day.

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Download Inna – Oh My God (Dj Tuncay Albayrak Remix) Audio


Inna – Oh My God Lyrics


(Oh my God, oh my God)

(Oh my God, oh my God)

[Verse 1]

So this kind of story, I don’t wanna say too much

A real vivid memory of telling you with every touch

Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop for a minute

Let go, let go, let go ’cause I’m in it now

I’m down for no sleep so come and give me all that lush


Don’t you go and

(Waste time fighting the rhythm)

(This time all is forgiven)

(Be my sin for the evening now)


I’m busy trying to forget you

I’m really trying to regret you

But every night I get reminded of what I’ve not got

You made my body your religion

And now I’m praying that you keep your faith

‘Cause I, oh my God, oh my God


You get me all oh my God, oh my God

You get me all oh my God, oh my God

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