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Dremo – See You Next Week Lyrics



Very beautiful


God will bless it oh

In Jesus name

God will promote it for you

Code name

Go three days without sleeping, that shit unhealthy

Smoke weed, heavily drinking in every session

My iPhone dey for airplane mode

No conversation, I don’t wanna talk

Only on these motherf**king records

I’m heartless

Can’t be tamed, I’ve been cut loose

Shawties be in my DMs, I don’t reply them on purpose

Talking bout how she wanna be friends

But we know them, that’s your BM

Cause your BM never unverified niggas dms

Pulled up, G (?)

Hoodie off, durag

We don’t need (?) to beat you niggas blue black

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Talk shit and get bagged like bitches in the (?)

If I be you, I’ll be mad too

I made them too mad (Ayayaya)

Yea I got bad days

I’ve been down the wrong things

I’ve gone the wrong ways

Went on the wrong wave

My dreams became reality

Time to stay awake


Bro I got money to make

I’ve been securing the bag

You know the vibes

Them niggas ready to die

Taking the piss in your pie

Give me a second, I light up the weed

I smoke everything (?) front of police

And for the record, for so long been milking the game

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And I never dey close to my peak

Yea, they too dumb to get the punch in a punchline anytime I rap

Uhn (?)

I punch niggas (?)

Hit a nigga with a bag

When he awake, he don’t where he at

When he awake, he don’t where he at

I tell the nigga to Google the map


Me I no go fit to shout cause it’s the life I chose

You know I got to let them know

She make it stand at attention like a soldier boy

So baby kiss me through the phone

And if you can’t handle a body, you should let her go

I go to let that nigga know

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You (?)

You should hold up close

Please leave a message

I see you next week

In my city, I’m a monster

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