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Egypt National Anthem English Translation



Latin Transliteration


Biladi biladi biladi

Lakihubbi wa fuadi

(repeat previous two lines)

Misr ya umm al bilad

Inti ghayati wal murad

Wa alla ku il ibad

Kam lineelik min ayadi


Misr intiaghla durra

Fawq gabeen addahr ghurra

Ya biladi aishihurra

Wa asadi raghm al adi.


Misr awladik kiram

Aufiya yaruzimam

Saufa takhti bilmaram

Bittihadhim waittihadi.

CHORUS (without repeats)



My homeland, my homeland, my homeland,

My love and my heart are for thee.

(repeat previous two lines)

Egypt! O mother of all lands,

My hope and my ambition,

How can one count

The blessings of the Nile for mankind?

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Egypt! Most precious jewel,

Shining on the brow of eternity!

O my homeland, be forever free,

Safe from every foe!


Egypt! Noble are thy children,

Loyal, and guardians of thy soil.

In war and peace

We give our lives for thy sake.

CHORUS (without repeats)

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