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Eledumare Lyrics by WemiJosh


Eledumare Lyrics by WemiJosh

 WemiJosh – Eledumare Lyrics

Verse 1:

The earth rejoices

The sea resound

As your wave of glory fills the earth

With a shout of joy and a song of praise

For your hands still holds the earth

By your hands, you’ve made all things

And in Your hands is life of all

The creator of all things, You are


Kabi yo o ma si o


A terere kari aye

Verse 2:

When I looked around see things you do

Appraise my life on the love you show

And wonder why oh Lord

You love me so much

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And I heard the angels are asking

What is man that thou are mindful of him (of him)

For You have made him above

The Angels

You have set him above

The earths fullness

So I will sing


Kabi yo o ma si o


A terere kari aye


Sound the alarm

Declare His goodness.

Make His praises known to all

Sound the cymbals

Make a loud cry

He alone is worthy of all

Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

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