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Erigga ft. Jay Teaser – Dick Appointment Lyrics


Erigga ft. Jay Teaser – Dick Appointment Lyrics

Erigga ft. Jay Teaser – Dick Appointment Lyrics

We fit still do role play lonely wife and plumber

Inside kitchen Show me waytin dey your sink

If I use this my big pipe push am from under

The orgasm go take cum you fit go land for zinc

All this jagolo boys no fit swing you well

Na better shovel dey make dig your well

Na me dey give you the vibes no be vibrator

Drag the bed sheet like old generator

Bend your two hand for back like who commit crime

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You have been a bad gurl Ashawo dey enter your eye

Like who sabi drive I wan hit you from behind

You no say love blind what make I tie your eye

Na this sex style I dey call angle 90

You never see am na wayrin I invent

Open your mouth wide I no wan stain your nightly

I fit ment I love way your pussy dey scent very


Raise your skirt go up make I shock you D

Na Eribaba dey fuck no be Chukwudi

E fit be back of my prado or club bathroom

Conner of beach inside office So far you dey unmmm

E shake e shake make I video am

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Ride me like keke carry me jam

Eat your work anyhow no table manners

Account balance why d babe no balance

Dey scream

She dey feel am

Everything tight

She dey feel am

Only she off pant

The pussy filler

On your red light

She dey feel am

Na we dey shift pant

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