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EST Gee – Misery Loves Company Lyrics


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

If I could die from disses, I probably would’ve been cremated (I probably would’ve been cremated)

I came up (M-M-M-Murda) from servin’ them sacks of hard to a free baser (Servin’ them P’s)

Arguin’ with God, when I paid the bond, He ain’t free Kada (Ain’t free lil’ man)

You ain’t dedicated if you don’t hop out on feet chasin’ (Feet chasin’)

N***** dead broke, say the key to paper is be patient (N****, fuck that)

But fuck waitin’, been tryna buck lately (Fuck that)

Live local, late break-in

High clucked out ridin’ with enough rounds then I could truck down

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You hear that rip sound, n****, better get down ‘fore he get found

Spit it from a switch round, dead n**** kiss clouds and I’m rich now

And I still ain’t switch crowds (I still ain’t switched up), can’t put my blick’ down (Can’t put my blick’ down)

And I probably never will (I never will)

Red called me from Heaven said, “You better chill”

Maybe it was Hell, but I couldn’t tell ’cause I’ll answer still (Still I answer for a bro)

I get high and hope that I’ll forget my mama’s cancer chills

Bullets hurt, made me hooked to ercs, I gotta have my pills

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She hurt me first, even at my worst, I still pay half her bills (Pay half her bills)

It’s a opp survive, through grace of God, I pray he lack again (Lord, I pray he lackin’)

It’s OT folks, lowkey want that smoke, I don’t be tappin’ in (No, I don’t be tappin’ in)

Real gangsta, I can’t speak on no beef I ain’t active in (On no beef I ain’t active in)

They respect my money ’cause it’s bloody, I still act and spin (Blood on my money)

Don’t just throw your hood up ’cause you from it, n****, what have you did? (What you doin’ in your hood?)

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All I need’s a yo, lil brodie, chops and a pack of cigs

Pitch a tent, and sit out front his crib, right where this n**** live

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