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EST Gee – OD Lyrics


(Pipe that shit up, TnT)

Yeah, yeah, yeah

All this damn, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, n***** broke (N***** broke), don’t let ’em trick you with that slide shit (With that slide shit)

That stick he post online, he don’t ever be outside with it (He don’t ever be outside with it)

Meanwhile, we still ridin’ ’round off X pills, tryna blind some shit (Tryna blind some shit)

Say you slidin’, but you ain’t one of my kind if you ain’t go ridin’ with it (If you ain’t go ridin’)

I’m talking ’bout slidin’ all day and night (I’m talking ’bout slide), ain’t on no tired shit

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N***** BCIs (N***** rats), gossipin’ ’bout Geeski, I do not see why


Shoot it ’til it de-cock, cut your street out, make you pull a tee out

And I’m hittin’ my lil’ bitch from the front, she sweatin’ it, got an Aleve out (She sweatin’ it, got an Aleve out)

She ain’t trippin’ if she sittin’ ’round me, or we could buy a Fiat (I’m gettin’ money)

I’m goin’ in deep, babe, breathe out (Breathe out)

I got my money in Sacramento like I’m Vlade Divac (Like I’m Vlade Divac)

I’m on my way (I’m on my way) to pick that cheese up, clutchin’, blowin’ the weed out

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My jakes love me more than the needle ’cause how good I treat her (I treat her good)

Plus I’m protectin’ with this FN, it’s a people weeder

Just ask my opps, it turned they best friends into Jesus meeters

Yeah, yeah, bishop, preacher, deacons

Uh, shooters, servers, creepers

My mama say in the name of Jesus, she rebuke the demons (She rebuke in the name of Jesus)

Start takin’ losses, that prayer crossed me, ma, I think I’m evil (I think I’m evil)

Thought I stomped on it, wasn’t enough it, make sure he breathin’ (Make sure a n**** breathing)

Don’t need no n**** ODing (Don’t need no n**** ODing)

Yeah, yeah, make sure that n**** breathing

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Thought I stomped on it, wasn’t enough it, make sure that n**** breathin’ (Don’t need no n**** ODing)

Yeah, yeah, don’t need no n**** ODing (Don’t need no n****)

This shit strong

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