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EST Gee – Riata Dada Lyrics


Yeah, I can’t vouch for them, but they can vouch for me

Legend of Riata Dada came up selling hank and weed

I can’t make no opps not diss Lil Dead, but I can make ’em bleed

Paper right and I ain’t fighting, you in a gun fight with a steak knife

Police know they need helicopters tryna’ stop us, ’cause I’m yank right

When I move, it’s a choppa scene like the opera

I’ll send a bitch n**** to the doctor

I was tryna stop you, but all that shit you pop make it impossible

Switches have ’em semis spitting like a run-on sentence, it ain’t no comma

If I wasn’t this, then I probably been done sign with DJ Drama

But I’m thuggin’ and I’m shining, fuck with coke, I roll with Gotti

When he met me, I had sixty, all fifties stuffed in my pocket

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Before I signed it, me and all my partners, diamond chains and watches

We like mobsters, only difference, we sip syrup with our pasta

Aim is true, he’s clocked in, I watch brethren drop it, then he locked it

Pay him whack his partner, n***** snakes, but I’ma anaconda

I make sure it’s proper, way more with the cut, it ain’t Hydroxy

But I made it momma, couldn’t save you first, you know I’m sorry

This shit hypnotize you, only thing excite me is a body

He be acting cocky like we ain’t shoot at him when he’s with his momma

This a blackout, gave to my lil partner, he flip n*****’ Honda

They recruiting, we done murk they shoota, fucked up they lil roster

I was rocking chronic till I got a book, I’m hooked on phonics

I’m a Fendi scholar, hit it two, three times and it’s still proper

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Get that strong white college batch a boxer, Ivan Drago

Did I really leave the streets alone? A rapper, I ain’t decided

Hit yo’ partner top, he squirming, jumping like fishes outta water

I ain’t got advice, just hit the trap and pray you make it out it

I had sleepless nights, can’t let him sneak me twice, I gotta watch ’em

Get in mode, turn off your phone, we finna slide, pop my ‘yoppa

They be wilding till we hit they blocks, and n***** playing possum

N***** bold like we ain’t taking souls and putting ’em with my momma

And don’t pat me at no shows, I got my gun and I get hostile

I’m from Louisville where we wet our blacks and sip raw out the bottle

I don’t care how much he did, he rat, he do not get acknowledged

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I’m the same n**** used to play pitch back, tackling with Fat Chris on Redondo

Now I’m twelve floors up, with a thick slut, getting my dick sucked in a condo

(Sucked in a condo, bitch n****, 5500 made man EST Big Gee n****, you hear this shit n****

Real street n**** don’t play me like no rapper, jump off stage on one you n*****)

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