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Fraggle Rock – Back to the Rock Lyrics and Tracklist


Artiste: Fraggle Rock

Album: Back to the Rock (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack)

Genre: TV Soundtrack

Date: January 21

Year: 2022



Fraggle Rock Back to the Rock Tracklist

1. Fraggle Rock Theme Lyrics

2. Party in Fraggle Rock Lyrics

3. Hip, Hip, Hooray Lyrics

4. Only Way Home Lyrics

5. Floop, Bloop, and Whoop Lyrics

6. Shine on Us Now (Moon Come Soon) Lyrics by Fraggle Rock & Patti LaBelle

7. Every Voice Lyrics

8. Doozer Marching Song Lyrics

9. Merggle Moon Migration Lyrics

10. Share and You’re Not Alone Lyrics

11. Chase the Wind Lyrics by Fraggle Rock & Cynthia Erivo

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12. Go with the Flow Lyrics by Fraggle Rock & Daveed Diggs

13. Glow Away Lyrics

14. That’s Not What I Want Lyrics

15. Legend of Icy Joe Lyrics

16. New Day’s Day Lyrics

17. Dream a Dream and See Lyrics by Fraggle Rock & Ed Helms

18. Craggle Lagoon Lyrics

19. Doozer Stick Jingle Lyrics

20. Same Light Lyrics

21. Ball of Fire Lyrics by Fraggle Rock & Kenan Thompson

22. Once Upon a Time (I Knew My Name) Lyrics

23. No Two Paths Lyrics

24. Put It All Together Lyrics

25. There’s a Lot I Want to Know Lyrics by Fraggle Rock & Ed Helms

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26. Follow Me Lyrics

27. One Heart Lyrics

28. Fraggle Rock Rock Lyrics by Foo Fighters

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