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Fraggle Rock – Glow Away Lyrics

Ah perfect, this is just perfect


What if I’m the strange one?

What if I don’t look like everyone?

And the walls start to cave and the rocks all fall

And what if I feel afraid?

And a part of me feels ashamed?

And this bulbous tail and it’s luminous glare just lights up all my flaws

So can it just glow, glow away

Can I just be, be the same as everybody else?

‘Cause every time that the lights start dimming

Knees start to shake and my head starts spinning

I’m scared that they’ll stare at my bulbous tail it’s true

My mind is mess and I can’t stop stressing

Every move I keep second guessing

I find at the end of the day

I wish it would glow, glow, glow

I wish it would glow, glow, glow

I wish it would glow, glow, glow away

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