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French Montana – I Don’t Really Care Lyrics


I Don’t Really Care Lyrics – French Montana

I don’t really care

I make trends and forget about ’em

You know I’m still stuntin’ through the virals

Word again, beat on [?]

I’m the big bad boy since wallets

I don’t really care

And them twenty cards you rappin’ ’bout

I spent that on the Bugatti, actin’ out

Two milli, that’s what that’s about

I don’t really care

In case you forgot, in case you forgot

Montana been had the city wildin’

And came through a cold, we down the city island

[?], Demi Lovato

Iggy and cabo, bitch, I been viral

I don’t really care

Top three, top three, top three snipes

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I took a time off, now they got amnesia

Like I ain’t do it with an African visa

Tell my competition I’ll be hit ’em all

And if I stay silent, you’ll be gone ’em all

Couple niggas in my stylin’ bar

But I don’t really care

Only competition in my city is a chick

Before the ‘Gram on, nigga been viral

Now I’m on a single on a platinum album

Word of our way, we started the wave

When you see a sun, it’s a bottle of Ace

Commissary took my dawg in the cage (Free max)

I don’t really care, been a trend setter

Jackboys came from coke boys

I’m the guy with the sauce, boy

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I don’t really care

But shout to Travis, he’s my dawg

[?] champagne like [?]

Coke boys like the Ice T

You barkin’ up the right tree

They jerk me at the Grammy’s

Next year, I bring the three for the family

I don’t really care

Shorty know I get D, bend that

I can’t lie when I be with her

If she take long, then I’m leavin’ her

I don’t really care

Stuck for the lobby

It’s them coke boys [?]

Bitch, you know my body

I don’t really care, ah

We can get ghost in the Phantom

Shorty get loaf in the camera

They call me Frenchy Montana

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I don’t really care, ah


Young Sasa

Young wepa


Coke boy

You know what it is when you hear that hanh

Don’t check for me if you ain’t got a check for me

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