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George Michael – Faith


Well I Guess It Would Be Nice

If i could touch your body

I know not everybody

Has got a body like you

But i’ve got to chink twice

Before i give my heart away

And i know all the games you play

Because i play them too

Oh but i

Need some rime off from that emotion

Time to pick my heart up off the floor

And when that love comes down

Without devotion

Well it takes a strong man baby

But i’m showing you the door

‘Cause i gorra have faith….


I know you’re asking me to stay

Say please, please, please, don’t go away

You say i’m giving you the blues

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You mean every word you say

Can’t help but think of yesterday

And another who tied me down to loverhoy rules-

Before this river

Becomes an ocean

Before you throw my heart back on the floor

Oh baby i reconsider

My foolish notion

Well i need someone to hold me

But i’ll wait for something more

Yes i’ve got to have faith….

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